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Affordable Benefits for Small Businesses & Gig Workers

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We provide benefit services for those who don't work for big traditional employers.

There are over 65 million small businesses and independent contractors that lack the ability to buy affordable health care and other services just because they don’t work for a big company.  NAA Worldwide has changed that. 

If you don’t work for a traditional large company you know you have no Human Resource department to depend on.  That’s where NAA Worldwide comes in. Consider NAA Worldwide your ‘go to’ staff for health insurance, dental insurance, legal advise, as well as discounts on hotels, air travel, major department stores, and much more.     

How do we do it?

We do it with volume.

Based on our large amount of members we’re able to secure low prices for health insurance, dental insurance, and other services, through large group rates just like the big Fortune 500 companies. We don’t understand why someone didn’t think of this concept before!     

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NAA B-Radio

The world is listening. 

Entertainment and breaking news as it happens.

Listen to R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, and Gospel, 24 hours a day and Live concerts every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

Download the free NAA B-Radio app and stay connected.

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NAA Lease Take-Over

Exit your lease or take over a least.  

All types of vehicles from electric, fuel efficient, to the most luxurious Bentley.  Search by state, model, style, and more.

Luxury car rental in Las Vegas available as well.

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NAA Health Insurance

You won’t believe the low monthly PPO rates through the Health Insurance plans offered by NAA Worldwide. 

See the long list of in-network doctors for even more savings. 

Representatives available to answer any questions you may have.  

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NAA B-News

Breaking news all over the globe. 

Check our broadcast schedule for our “Job Bank”, Mid-Day News, Financial News,  Evening news, and Entertainment news.

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The world is watching.

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NAA Kids Club

We want to help kids across the USA and internationally.  And why not, the USA is made up of the most generous people in the world. 

We know that every kid has potential and that circumstances matter. We don’t want kids to be defined by their zip code.

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