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BE A PART OF THE NAA worldwide CLASS act law suit against the sba

Attention NAA Worldwide members and Small Businesses: It is time we hold SBA Small Business Administrator, Ms. Carranza,  responsible for her mismanagement of the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program. The Federal Disaster Loan program was intended for small business owners, private non-profits, homeowners, and renters, not for rich billionaires and millionaires.

The SBA was instructed by congress to provide each small business with an advance of $10,000. Instead, the SBA provided only $1,000 per employee. Furthermore, there was no approval process required for small businesses to receive the grants and the grants were always intended to be forgiven. Even if the small business was denied a loan, they would have still been eligible for the $10,000 advanced grant but the SBA failed in this regard as well.

This is not what congress approved.

If you believe you or your business is a victim of SBA mismanagement of the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Program and would like to join a major class action lawsuit against SBA Administrator Carranza, complete the form below for more information. Do not call NAA Worldwide office, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Must apply by August 31st 2020

Serious commitments only.  NAA membership may be required.

UPDATE  August 4, 2020

NAA Worldwide would like to take a moment to update you in regard to the class action lawsuit we will be filling against the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Our efforts in reviewing each person’s file to ensure they are qualified to be a part of the lawsuit continues as it is our duty to certify that each potential member of the class has exhausted their administrative options with the SBA.

Our sole focus is to secure a large judgement through trial or settlement so that each person receives the funds that are legally due to them. Although the process can be lengthy, we must complete our due diligence to ensure the most favorable outcome possible.

If you have applied to join the lawsuit please continue to be patient. We will continue to provide updates while building the best strategies for success.

Should you have any questions please contact us via e-mail:

Thank you for being a valued part of NAA Worldwide.

Our class action lawsuit against the Small Business Administration (SBA) includes a focus on Administrator Jovita Carranza as she was negligent in abiding by the specific language of the Economic Injury Disaster Loan and EIDL grant programs.

The overwhelming amount of our members were not provided with the $10,000 funding so it appears that a class action law suit is the only option to insure the rights of our members are protected under the limits of the law.  

Within our first week of announcing our effort, we received over 40,000 request to be a part of the class.  It is this staggering number that supports the need for action. It is clear to us that businesses were not provided with the benefits promised under the CARES Act.

When the CARES Act was signed into law on March 27th, 2020,  it mandated that an initial grant of $10,000 to be paid to businesses within three days of application.  Unfortunately, for so many small business these funds were never realized, hence the need for our case. 

Furthermore it has come to our attention that Administrator Carranza unilateral changed the initial $10,000 grant rule in April, which prevented businesses from getting their mandated grants as congress intended.

It is our understanding that Carranza is aware of the grant requirement but chooses to ignore it. Members of congress have even notified Carranza in writing that the SBA is required by law to provide a $10,000 grant to each applicant within three days of application, but Carranza continues to be non-compliant.

Small business and individuals throughout the USA have struggled unnecessarily due to the actions of the SBA and Carranza.

It is our wish to represent our members and future members in procuring the relief that congress promised via the CARES Act. Many of our members are teetering on filing for Bankruptcy or reorganization and/or closing their businesses and we feel it is our duty to act on their behalf in helping them in recovering the funds that were legally due to them. We will work to insure our members, future members, small businesses and individuals receive the full $10,000 grant owed to them under the CARES Act and any applicable EIDL loans for which they are qualified.

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