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NAA Worldwide is a Small Business and & Gig Workers Association. Our team is comprised of individuals from all walks of life and professions with one common goal–to provide our members with the highest quality services that will ensure all their needs are met.

NAA provides professional representation and membership services that were not previously available. The benefits, products and services we provide are designed exclusively to meet the needs of all rideshare, gig workers and their families worldwide.

NAA Worldwide is not affiliated with Uber/Lyft or any other gig worker group or association, and we are not a lobbying group; however, we support any group or organization that is fighting to make a change within the gig workers industry.

We are inviting all Rideshare and Gig workers worldwide to join us today and enjoy the amazing membership benefits available to them and their families.

Join Us Today, we have the plan!

NAA Worldwide

The Black Card for Rideshare and Gig Workers.