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What People Say About NAA Worldwide

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Janice B.

Riverside, CA

I initially joined NAA Worldwide for the health care insurance. 

I was paying $627.00 a month for a Bronze insurance plan and my deductible was $12,00000! If this isn’t bad enough, when I would go to the doctor, which was rare, I would still be responsible for 100% of the bill.  The government really screwed up the healthcare business for individuals like me who work for themselves. 

Anyway, I tolerated this very high monthly rate for 2 years until I heard about the insurance that NAA offered.

Now I pay $200 a month and I could not be happier.  

When Covid hit NAA helped me with the paperwork (at no cost to me) so I could apply for all the benefits available for small businesses. They are like having an attorney in the family.  Highly recommended.

Rebecca H.

Dallas, TX

NAA is an association that I am glad I stumbled on. It saved me thousands on medical expenses when my daughter fell down and broke her ankle. Not only are the healthcare benefits NAA provides to me as a member great, but they’re affordable to me as a small business owner.

Thanks, NAA; you surpassed my expectations!

Paul W.

San Diego, CA

Definitely worth the money. Got me squared away with my PPP conundrum.

Chuck B.

Chicago, Il

Being a member of NAA Worldwide has been very helpful. Whenever I need assistance, especially during the pandemic, someone always gets back to me. Which is a whole lot faster than what most companies are doing. Most of them have you holding for up to hours.


Joy B.

New Orleans, LA

Hello, I registered to win a gift card on NAA Worldwide’s website a week ago. I won and today I received my $100 Visa cards by UPS.

Thanks NAA!

Peter A.

Port Arthur, TX

My name is Peter. I run a business in Post Arthur, Tx for 15 years and when the pandemic hit it almost put me out of business. I applied for an EIDL loans with the SBA but I was turned down due to credit. I heard about NAA Worldwide and decided I would give then a call to get help in filing a reconsideration. They took all my paperwork and filed a reconsideration for me and on September 16th, 2020 my reconsideration was approved for a loan and I received $150.000.

They helped me save my business. 

Thanks to all the staff at NAA Worldwide!

Stan J.

Milwaukee, WI

Hello, I am Stan Jenkins from Milwaukee, WI. Thank you NAA worldwide for your help with my EIDL reconsideration. The SBA approved me today for a loan. 


New York, NY

My name is Reed and I joined NAA Worldwide a year ago. It is one of the best things I have done for my business and the CEO of the association is amazing I called several times to speak with him and he’s always taken my call or called me back. They offered me all the services I need for my business through my platinum membership. If you are a small business owner, I recommend you join this association as soon as possible.

Danny J.

Shreveport, LA

The SBA turned me down for a EIDL loan. I’m a minority business owner. I was looking at a video on YouTube and learned about NAA Worldwide. I contacted them and they helped me get my loan approved with the SBA. 

John & Mary Whitley

Midland, TX

This is John Whitley. 1 am a cattle farmer and the pandemic hit like a brick. My wife was on YouTube searching around for help and came across this video about NAA Worldwide. We called and joined. They helped us get the money we need to hold on. NAA is a godsend. 

We love you NAA!

Beverly H.

San Francisco, CA

NAA Worldwide, I am a woman own business in San Francisco, CA. I applied for a SBA loan. Like many others I was turned down. A friend of mine told me about NAA Worldwide and gave me their phone number. I was a little reluctant because companies do not always do what they say they can. But I called and they assisted me to get my loan approved.

Many thanks for your commitment to doing what you say you can.


Charles P.

Atlanta, GA

Hello, I am Charles my situation with NAA Worldwide is hard to describe. My friend told me about the EDIL, and the PPL loan and he used my information and got a loan in my name for a $15,000. I did not know what to do, I did not want to go to jail. I heard about NAA Worldwide that they could help. I joined as a platinum membership they assigned me an attorney at no cost to me and he help me out of that situation with the SBA. 

NAA Worldwide me and my family owe you and your staff our lives.

Mimi J.

Fresno, CA

Today I won a $100.00 gift card from NAA Worldwide. This is real! They are giving away money so go like, subscribe and comment on their video and get you some money, they are giving away $25,000.00 and I put my name in to win that money.

Kevin K.

Miami, FL

My name is Kevin. I own a business with a staff of 125.  NAA Worldwide assisted me in getting a loan to keep my business and staff working. 

Sarah R.

Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I am a Platinum member of NAA Worldwide and I am so sorry to hear that the association has been violated by an ex-employee. I had no idea until I found the lawsuit on the internet. We deeply appreciate the support we received from the association and the staff.

Keep up the good work. This too shall pass.